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Individual Coaching and Counseling

A significant loss or tough life transition may leave us disoriented. That is when we need to get back in touch with a purpose for our lives--to live the life we choose.

Gaining clarity of purpose often requires a personal coach or counselor who can listen deeply—perhaps more deeply than you have previously experienced. This being listened to and having that listening reflected back allows us to discover the intellectual clarity and emotional honesty that ultimately helps us take the  compelling actions that bring us closer to the life we long to live.

As your personal coach and counselor, I will point out unproductive thinking, help you identify blind spots
in your vision, and encourage you to take the steps that need to be taken.

What you can expect from our work together:

  • Listening and self-reflection to integrate and nourish your life and your community.

  • Skills to change the forces and habits that have converged to make you feel stuck.

  • Help identifying the compelling truth of your situation, a truth big enough you can live by.

  • An evaluation of multiple points of view, rooted in religious and secular practices, to assist you.

What I bring to our work together:

  • A commitment to your well-being and that of those you care about—and to treat all involved as my equals.

  • More than 30 years of practicing a spiritual discipline of daily reflection and meditation. 

  • An experienced frame of reference that will lead you to a practice of greater spiritual discipline, patience and meditation. 

  • Brief reflection and short-term counseling, if that is all that is needed.

  • Coaching for the longer-term, if your self-understanding or long-term aspirations need more attention.

You also may benefit from a long-term spiritual and personal growth group I offer, or a topical group on leadership, participation, politics, public policy and economics.

Fees:  Rates are $40 to $150 per hour on a sliding scale (not eligible for insurance reimbursement). Ask about alternative, donation-based payments.

All the referees in the world can't resolve our conflicts for us. Only we can.

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